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In SAP Forecast & Replenishment (F&R) 4.1, the frequency of forecast calculations was controlled using the FRP control profile at the location level. The forecast could be run every day or every first day of the week (Monday). The offset of the planning day for an FRP run for all days of the week can be set with a parameter in the FRP control profile.

In SAP F&R 5.0, there is a flexible control of the forecast frequency using a new frequency profile and the ability to assign the frequency profile to the FRP control profile. This step allows greater control of the forecast frequency, for example, by ABC classification, selling class, and planning day of the location product. The offset of the planning day for an FRP run can be set individually by week day.

New frequency profiles that correspond to possible release 4.1 settings must be generated and assigned to FRP control profiles based on existing settings. New planning day parameters must be set based on existing settings.





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