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/FRE/UPGRADE_50_SUI_USER - Define and assign to stores SUI profiles & update SUI tables with GUID

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In SAP Forecast & Replenishment (F&R) 4.1:

  • The responsibility type (Merchandise category or Layout) is set at the user and/or store level
  • SUI Responsibilities tables use the external location number (LOCNO)

In SAP F&R 5.0:

  • The responsibility type and other options are set in a SUI profile that is assigned to stores.
The corresponding profile is determined for each store, based on the largest proportion of a user's responsibility type in that store. Other users are kept but their previous responsibilities are no longer valid. The customer can still retrieve them by changing the assignment of profile to the store in the location master data.
Responsibility tables use the location ID (F&R GUID) for stores and vendors.
These new fields are populated from the location number (LOCNO).
  • The tree layout key is transferred from table /FRE/SUI_USR_MAP to table /FRE/USR_SUI_RES
The affected table(s) are:

  • /FRE/PRSUI (C)









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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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