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/FRE/UPGRADE_60_FRP_ENV - XPRA program: changes in FRP location environment

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This XPRA program updates the existing FRP location environment.

An FRP location environment is created for each individual location assigned to FRP (transaction /FRE/FRP_ADMIN). The FRP run executes the forecast and replenishment calculation. FRP is a background process.

F&R 5.0: SAF SSto/SWhs (C++ executables) is integrated as third-party tool for forecast and requirements calculation and quantity optimization into F&R. Communication with this software is done via flat files (configuration, metadata and data files stored by location). Some data is stored persistently in SAF flat files (for example, sales and predictor time series).

F&R 5.1:Various changes are made in the SAF software, including new or changed parameters, new fields in several files and the name of the binaries to be executed.

New metadata files must be created, existing metadata files must be recreated, and configuration files must be recreated (technical initialization). To recreate the configuration files in the regular mode of the next FRP run, some flags of the FRP configuration delta provision /FRE/FRPCFG_STAT are set.

In addition, the following folders are no longer used and are deleted: ~/bin/sst and ~/bin/swh.

This report also resets the lock for a "FRP location" set from the XPRA /FRE/UPGRADE_60_FRPMID_LOC . The reset is done for each individual location after the locations is successfully processed. The FRP run cannot be executed until all locks are reset.

Affected Table(s):
SAF flat files
Data Records:
One entry per location
SAF flat files
About 30 flat files with approximate 50 entries.

If the XPRA fails, you can restart it.



See SAP Note 996408



Standard Variants




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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