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/FSIH/R_AUTO_CANCELLATION - Give Notice on Expired Insurance Policies

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You use this report during end-of-day processing to cancel insurance policies for which the contract end has been reached.


You start the report on the SAP Easy Access screen in Account Management (FS-AM)under Periodic Tasks → Insurance → Cancel Expired Insurance Policies and in Loans Management (FS-CML) under Financial Accounting → Bank Applications → Loans Management → Position Management → Periodic Tasks → Cancel Expired Insurance Policies.

You can include the report in end-of-day processing; see Account Management (FS-AM)under End-of-Day Processing (EDP) und Define Job Nets for EDP). For more information, see SAP Library under Setting Up and Starting Job Nets.

You can start the report from external job management using External Interface for Background Processing (XBP). For information about XBPsee SAP Portal or the SAP Homepage under the alias ICC: Integration Scenarios → SAP Web Application Server (technology).


  • In the master data of the insurance policies, you have defined the data for automatic cancellation of the insurance.
  • To calculate rebate amounts due to cancellation of insurances, the system uses the BadI: Calculate Rebate Amounts for Calculation, which you must have set up in Customizing for Account Management (FS-AM) under Product Management ->Insurance ->Business Add-Ins (BAdIs).



Authorization Checks for the Report

You use the transaction /FSIH/CNCL to call the report. You can display the authorization objects for this transaction using role maintenance (PFCG).


The system does not set or take into account persistent locks.

Parallel Processing

No parallel processing is executed.

You can start a terminated run again.

Standard Variants


Return Values

In a simulation run, the report does not return a value to job control. In an update run the report transfers a return value to the job control with the following possible values:

0: (Completed successfully)

The system was able to finish processing without problems.

4: (Completed with individual errors)

The system could not process all data successfully. Errors occurred for certain accounts. These are listed in the log, You should analyze these as soon as possible. but end-of-day processing can be continued.

Application Log

The system writes an application log.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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