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/FTI/SET_IMPL_PHASE - Implementation Phase

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The transaction /N/FTI/SET_IMPL_PHASE is relevant for the implementation cockpit for cloud solutions (s-innovations). It allows the service provider team, who sets up the system for each implementation phase, to determine the phase-specific home page of the implementation cockpit.


The implementation cockpit (tile name: Manage Your Cloud Solution) offers specific functions for each implementation phase. The system, in which the customer performs the implementation, is always phase-specific and the implementation cockpit is provided exclusively for the current phase.




Standard Variants



  1. In the section Current Implementation Phase,see the last phase and its status.
Note: You can only switch to the next phase, if the status of the current phase is Completed.
  1. In the section New Implementation Phase, select the next following (new) phase and set its status to In progress.
  2. Save.
The system updates the phase displayed din the Current Implementation Phase section and adds the last phase change to the Implementation Phase History.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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