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/GBT/R_LOGSYS_CONFIG - Configure Logical Systems

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Register a logical system as GBT relevant, and configure it.

Define the RFC destination used for jobs and for the dialog.

The jobs have to be executed with a technical user, while the dialog is executed with the login user.

Providing the RFC destination triggers a connection to the system to check whether it is an ERP system.

The following configuration is done automatically:

o,,For each connected ERP system, the batch level of the ERP is read and stored in GBT.

o,,For each connected logical system, the business system key from the system landscape is determined, which is needed for master data transfer.

o,,The configuration of the GBT business system key is determined and added, if available.





Standard Variants



If no business system key from the system landscape can be determined, you have to maintain it if the connected ERP system has to send master data.

In addition, the business system key for GBT has to be maintained if it cannot be determined automatically.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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