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You can set up product categories in SAP Global Batch Traceability (SAP GBT) to search for products and batches.

You need to specify the source system and the source material attribute field to perform a setup for product categories.


The product categories are generated based on the material attribute values of the source system. A product category itself belongs to a product category hierarchy (PCH). It is possible to define multiple product category hierarchies for the same material attribute field, which are specific to the source system.

One set of material attribute values for a material attribute field may be used by multiple systems. You should mark this as a global product category in SAP GBT. Then only one setup is needed. If the material attribute values are specific to the source system, you have to run the setup of product categories for each of these non-harmonized source systems.

The assignment of a product to a product category is part of the material integration process. If a specific product category for the material attribute value exists in SAP GBT, the material is assigned to it. Otherwise, the material is assigned to the corresponding global product category.

The materials are assigned to new product categories in SAP GBT, by the next material upload.


  1. To run the setup, you specify the data source by using the following criteria:
  • Source logical system of a connected SAP ERP installation

  • Material segment - this is either the general material data or the plant data for the material

  • Field name, for example, MTART for material type

This report reads the values of a material attribute, for example, the value HAWA or FERT for the material type, from SAP ERP, and stores them in SAP GBT as a product category of a product category hierarchy.
  1. You define the scope of the product category as a Global Product Category or as a System-Specific Product Category.
  • If the values of the product category are harmonized in the connected systems, select the Global Product Category indicator. The system then assigns the product category hierarchy to the SAP GBT system.

  • If the values of the product category are used in the selected system only, set the System-Specific Product Categoryindicator. The system then assigns the product category hierarchy to the entered source system.

  • You can have several System-Specific Product Categories with the same ID, but only one Global Product Category.

You can display the product category hierarchy by using transaction COMM_HIERARCHY.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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