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/GSINS/INSH_PY_PAY_IMME - Gross/Net Calculation for Immediate Payments

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This report enables you to start a gross to net calculation run for disbursements that need to be processed immediately (disbursements marked in the Change Claim (ICLCDC02) transaction as relevant for immediate gross/net calculation). You need to calculate gross to net amounts for disbursements that are subject to taxes, social insurance contributions, garnishments or similar deductions.

The report calls the payroll driver in the HCM application component and starts a payroll run to calculate net amounts for the given disbursements.

When running the gross/net calculation, the payroll driver marks the immediate payments in the payroll results by assigning the date and time of processing to the relevant wage type in the Payment Information (BT) table. The report also creates an entry for the given immediate payments in the HRPADNLO_LOGIMME trigger table, which is used to lock immediate payments so as to prevent their processing in regular payroll runs and to indicate that these payments can be transferred to the Insurance (FS-CD) component and posted as Collection/Disbursement documents.


After the gross to net calculation run is completed, you use the Create Posting Run for Immediate Payments report to group persons for whom you need to post Collections/Disbursements documents for immediate payments.

Once the selection is done, you can post the payments using the Single Posting of C/D Documents or Mass Posting of C/D Documents reports.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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