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/GSINS/INSH_PY_PAY_IMME_FG - Set Immediate Payments to Completed

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You use this report to transfer document numbers of immediate payments posted as Collections/Disbursements documents from the Insurance (FS-CD) application component to the HCM component.

The report selects immediate payment records from the /GSINS/INH_RIDI database table that are marked as posted but for which document numbers have not been transferred to the HCM application component. The report transfers the document numbers of the relevant C/D documents to the HRPADNLP_LOGIMME trigger table in the HCM component. When this happens, the corresponding triggers in the HCM component are considered as completed; therefore, they will not be processed in any subsequent Gross/Net Calculation runs.



You run this report after you have completed the following steps of processing immediate payments:

  1. You have started a Gross/Net calculation run for the relevant immediate payments using the Gross/Net Calculation Run for Immediate Payments (/GSINS/INSH_PY_PAY_IMME) report.
  2. You have grouped persons together for whom you need to post Collections/Disbursements documents for immediate payments using the Create Posting Run for Immediate Payments report.
  3. You have posted C/D documents for the immediate payments using one of the following reports: Single Posting of C/D Documents or Mass Posting of C/D Documents.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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