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/GSINS/NLGBA_EXPORT - Export GBA Messages (Netherlands)

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You use this report to export outgoing GBA messages into a file on the presentation server (your PC) or an application server. You can also use the report to display previous report runs.


This report uses an authorization object to check user actions. For more information, see GBA Messages Authorization.


You have created outgoing messages on the GBA tab page in business partner master data (see the Business Partner (BP) transaction). To create outgoing messages, the business partner in question must have Contract Partner MKK role.


  • The report enables you to export messages to files on the presentation server (your PC) or on an application server.
  • Before exporting them, the report lists the outgoing messages that exist on the database. You can use this list to view the details of any message or to navigate to the respective business partner.
  • The report allows you to re-export messages that have already been exported.
  • After you have exported the messages, the report displays an application log including the exported messages and information on the file it has created.
  • The report replaces any files that already exist with the name and at the location that you specify on the selection screen


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To access this report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Insurance → Claims Management → Country Specifics → Netherlands → GBA Interface → Export GBA Messages.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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