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/GSINS/NLGBA_IMPORT - Import GBA Messages (Netherlands)

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You use this report to import GBA messages from a file that you receive from the authority and to store them on the database for further processing in the IMP manager. You can also use the report to display previous report runs.


The report processes imported messages using the relevant expressions defined in the Business Rule Framework plus (transaction BRFplus).

You can further process imported messages using the IMP manager (transaction IMP manager). In this step, the system updates business partner master data using the information that you have imported from incoming messages. The master data is updated based on the mapping that you define in the Service Mapping Tool (see transaction SMT).

This report uses an authorization object to control user actions. For more information, see GBA Messages Authorization.


Check the settings for BRFplus in the Customizing activity Basic Settings and make any changes as necessary.


  • The report enables you to import messages from files on the presentation server (your PC) or on an application server.
  • The report enables you to import messages from files located on the presentation server (your PC) or an application server.
Note, you can import a message into the system only once. Once you have imported a message, you cannot process it again.
  • For each successfully imported message, the report creates a trigger and adds it to a work package for the IMP manager.
  • Once it processes them, the report lists the messages. You can use this list to view the details of any message or to navigate to the respective business partner.


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To access this report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Insurance → Claims Management → Country Specifics → Netherlands → GBA Interface → Import GBA Messages.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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