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/GSINS/TR_ARCH_TRAMER_WRITE - Archiving of Tramer Transformation (Turkey): Write

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You can use this report to archive the following data with the archiving object /GSINS/TRC:

  • Archives the process IDs that are assigned to TRAMER transformation processes. When XML files are generated for TRAMER reporting purposes, the system assigns a process ID to the XML generation process.
  • Archives the stored link between the process ID and the claims that are involved in a TRAMER transformation process.

During archiving, the system writes the data to one or more archive files from the following database tables:

  • TRAMER: Process of XML File Generation (/GSINS/TRCOMPRO)
  • TRAMER: Link Claims to Process ID of XML File(/GSINS/TRCOMPRCL)
  • TRAMER: Additional Claim Data for Transformation(/GSINS/TRCOMXML)
If there is an entry of the claim with the same process ID in the /GSINS/TRCOMXML database table, the system archives the entry together with all change documents.



You have already archived all the claims whose process ID is stored in the /GSINS/TRCOMPRO database table andlink to claim is stored in the /GSINS/TRCOMPRCL database table.



On the selection screen, enter data as follows:

  • In the General Selectiongroup box, enter the number range of the process ID and the transformation type (either TRAFIK or KASKO, or both) whose data you want to archive from the database tables.
  • In the Further Selection Criteriagroup box, you can further specify the selection criteria by entering the creation date or the person's name that created the XML file.
  • In the Processing Optionsgroup box, select the execution type depending on how you want to process archiving.

Standard Variants


The report first checks whether the documents that you want to archive meet the requirements of archiving conditions mentioned in section Prerequisites and if so, it archives the data in accordance with your settings and displays the result of archiving in an ALV list. If the objects to be archived do not meet the requirements, the report displays the reason of error on the output screen.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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