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/GSINS/TR_COM_TRAMER - XML File Generation for TRAMER Reporting

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You use this report to generate the XML files that send information to TRAMER about claims for specific business purposes.

You define the structure and required content of the XML files for a specific business purpose in a transformation definition. This report generates XML files on transformation definition basis.



  • You have created or changed claims in the system that need to report to TRAMER.


The report uses an authorization object to control the availability of functions on the selection screen and the allowed user actions on the output screen. For more information, see TRAMER Authorization.

You can modify provided TRAMER transformations KASKO and TRAFIK using enhancement spot /GSINS/TR_COM_XML_OUTPUT.


You can determine the claims that are involved in a transformation process using the following methods:

  • You can specify the number of claims or set the period when the claims are created or changed
  • You can specify a certain transformation definition or specify the assigned claim types and their generations
  • You can also specify claims by their status in the database, or by IDs of the XML file generation processes, which appear in chronological order.

Standard Variants

  • If you leave the fields blank in the Claim Dataand Additional Parameterssections, the report checks all the claims within the internal claim types that have been assigned to existing TRAMER transformations, and displays the claims that have the statuses Ready for Sending and Returned with Error on the output screen.
  • By default, the current system time is displayed in the Date of Transformation and Time of Transformation fields.
To enable the system to generate XML files in the background within the specified timeframe, you must have maintained a name for the logical file.
You do so in the Customizing activityDefine Transformation Definitions.


By choosing the radio buttons in the Operation section on the selection screen, you can determine how to process the selected claims on the output screen:

Send Selected Claims

When you select this radio button, you can generate XML files with the selected claims and save the files on an application server. This option can be performed in a background job.

Check Claims before Sending

When you select this radio button, you have two processing modes available on the output screen:

  • Display Mode
The output screen is in this mode by default. The details of each selected item are displayed, including:
  • Original information, such as claim number, claim type, generation, and the assigned transformation definition

  • Change history, such as the names of the users who made changes, date of the last change, and a detailed record of the changes

  • Information about previous processing, such as the generated process IDs and error messages

  • Change Mode
When you switch to change mode, the possible claim statuses are displayed as push buttons. You can select one or more claims from the displayed list, and manually change their status to another status by selecting a corresponding press button. If the status change is not allowed, an error message appears.
In addition, you can select the Legend button to get an overview of all the icons that are used on the output screen.


To access this report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Insurance -> Claims Management -> Country Specifics -> Turkey -> Generate XML Files for TRAMER Reporting.


In this report you can find example call of TRAMER transformation in one procedure. If you want to use this functionality, just copy the content of the procedure EXAMPLE_SIMPLIFIED_CALL in your function module and call it from there.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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