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You can use the development list to display the value adjustment position for one or more RBD accounts. The following describes the individual tab pages:

Development List Per Account

The system displays the totals for the flow type groups (interest, charges and capital) for each account. Subtotals for RBD classes and flow type groups are formed separately for each account. Information is also displayed for the balance usage, clearing, appropriation and reclassification.

Development List (Total)

The system lists the amounts for the flow type groups (interest, charges and capital) and RBD classes (IVA or FIVA) for the RBD accounts selected. Subtotals for RBD classes and flow type groups are formed for every account.


The system displays all of the postings for the accounts selected for a specified period. A subtotal is formed for each account.

The columns local currency, local currency and exchange rate are included for information purposes. If an exchange rate is displayed here it means that you have entered it online. If the local currency field is filled here, it means you have entered the local currency online. In this case the system does not determine the exchange rate but posts the transaction with the local currency amount.

The local currency field is only filled if an exchange rate or a local currency amounts has been entered by a user online. In this case the system determines the local currency from an extractor from the posting system. These three fields are normally not filled by the system but by manual entries in the RBD account. If the display currency specified for the development list is the same as the local currency determined the display amount is calculated using the exchange rate or if a local currency amount exists this is adopted.

If the fields local currency, local currency amount and exchange rate are not filled, the system determines the RBD posting date for the relevant record for the exchange rate using the SAP currency table and uses this for the display amount.


The system displays all accounts corresponding to the selection criteria. You can see information about the account, for example whether it is locked, whether it can be posted to automatically and whether it has been flagged for deletion.

Planned Records

The system displays all of the open planned records that correspond to the selection criteria. You cannot restrict the observation period for this selection. (See Selection). The system displays subtotals for each account.

Exchange Rates

Every posting record or planned record has a transaction currency and a transaction amount. You can extend the planned records and posting records (actual records) as regards an exchange rate in local currency or by a local currency amount using the RBD entry screen. The local currency is determined using an extractor from the linked posting system. If the transaction currency and local currency are the same you cannot adjust the exchange rate or the local currency amount.

If the transaction currency is the same as the display currency for the development list the transaction amounts are adopted as the display amounts automatically.

If the display currency is the same as the local currency and exchange rates or local currency amounts have been entered at record level the system calculates the display amount from these fields or adopts the amounts accordingly.

If the display currency does not correspond to either the transaction currency or the local currency (or the exchange rate or local currency amount is not filled) the system determines the exchange rate for the RBD posting date (for planned records for the planned posting date) using the linked SAP Standard modules and calculates the display amount.

Valuation Methods

You can display all of the records or restrict the display to the records for a specific valuation method.





You must enter an observation period and the display currency. You do not have to enter the RBD display currency however. This means that the system can select all accounts with any currency but they are all displayed in one currency, such as the euro.

You can select a radio button to determine whether you want to display active, inactive or all accounts.

Focus of the development list: Here you can select whether only the actual RBD postings are considered or whether the RBD planned records should also be included. This simulates the posting of the planned records.

Planned record selection: You can select which RBD planned records you want to include in the selection. .

Valuation methods: You can determine whether the postings or planned records of a specific valuation method are displayed. If you do not enter a valuation method, the system displays all of the postings or planned records.

Standard Variants




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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