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/INCMD/GROUP_CREATE_VIA_BATCH - Upload of Interchangeability Groups

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This report automatically uploads XML files stored in the SAP application server.

You can use this report to transfer interchangeability groups in XML format from the legacy system to the SAP APO system via background job.


This report must be integrated into a background job using a standard variant.

The variant must consist of the directory path where the XML files are stored in the application server. You can also add a model name to which the interchangeability groups should be assigned. If the model is not specified, the groups are not assigned to any model.

If no directory is specified as a variant then an error message is sent to the log file and the job is terminated.

All logs are saved with application object INC. To analyze the application log, enter the application Object INC and Subobject GROUP_NUMBER along with the date parameters in the Analyze Application Log screen


The XML files that you want to upload must be correctly formatted and must adhere to the standard schema that is shipped along with this report.

The XML document contains header data, header text data, item data, additional information, location data, model assignment data, and product combination data (for interchangeability groups of the type one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many substitution).

Click here to view examples of interchangeability groups in XML format.

  • If the XML document contains more than one interchangeability group the system repeats the outer loop with the HEADER_DATA..
  • The value of GROUP_NUMBER, in HEADER_DATA, must start with character '$.' This is important in order to maintain the link between a particular group, its header data, header text data, item data, additional information, location data, model assignment data. Since this XML document may contain data pertaining to multiple interchangeability groups, each loop starting with HEADER_DATA must contain a GROUP_NUMBER. Each of the attributes must have a different value starting with '$.'
  • If you want to maintain a group of the type one-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many substitution you must:
  • Maintain the product combination number PRODUCT_COMBINATION_ID under PRECEDING_MEMBER and SUCCEEDING_MEMBER

  • Location-specific data must contain the Item number and location under ITEM_NUMBER and LOCATION.
  • If you want to maintain location-specific data or additional information, you must maintain the ITEM_NUMBER. This is important in order to maintain the link between a relation, its cross-location data, location-specific data, and additional information.
  • The date and time must conform to the following format: YYYY-MM-DDand HH:MM:SS. Otherwise it will result in an Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) exception.
  • If you want to change the interchangeability group, the GROUP_NUMBER, in HEADER_DATA, must contain the existing group number that you want to change, and the value of UPDTFLG must be set to 'X.'



Standard Variants



  1. Choose System -> Services -> Reporting.
The Program Execution screen appears.
  1. In the Program field enter /INCMD/GROUP_CREATE_VIA_BATCH and choose Execute.
The Upload of Interchangeability Groups screen appears.
  1. If a variant is available, choose Get Variant...and select the variant you want to use.
If no variant is available, enter the path to the directory that contains the XML files.
If you do not specify a directory path, the system uses the DIR_HOME directory of the application server as the default directory.
  1. If you want to save your entries as a variant, choose Goto -> Variants -> Save as Variant....
  2. Go back.
  3. Choose Background and schedule the background job.
  4. To display the groups that have been uploaded, from the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Advanced Planning and Optimization -> Master Data -> Product and Location Interchangeability Master Data -> Maintain Interchangeability Group .


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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