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/ISDFPS/ACCHIERREST - Replace CO Standard Hierarchy with CO Alternative Hierarchy

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On any key date, you can generate a CO standard hierarchy for a controlling area from the CO master data for force elements. The following applications are available:

  • /ISDFPS/ACCHIERGEN,,Generate Standard Hierarchy
  • /ISDFPS/ACCHIERCOPY,,Generate Alternative Hierarchy
  • /ISDFPS/ACCHIERREST,,Replace Standard Hierarchy with Alternative Hierarchy

You must have defined the fiscal year interval in which the objects in the relevant hierarchy are to be valid. This time interval controls which objects are contained in the relevant hierarchy.

First, choose the required controlling area.

  • Selection
  • Enter the key date on which you want to generate or replace the hierarchy.

  • Report /ISDFPS/ACCHIERCOPY only: If you want to generate an alternative hierarchy, enter a suffix for this alternative hierarchy for identification purposes.

  • Report /ISDFPS/ACCHIERREST only: If you want to replace the current standard hierarchy with an alternative hierarchy, enter the name of the required alternative hierarchy and a suffix for the previous standard hierarchy. The system automatically deletes the alternative hierarchy suffix and uses this alternative hierarchy as the standard hierarchy. The previous standard hierarchy is identified as the new alternative hierarchy by the suffix.

  • Standard hierarchy for
Specify the CO objects for which you want to generate or replace a hierarchy.
  • Processing options
Choose the required processing option.
  • Report /ISDFPS/ACCHIERCOPY only: Set the Initial Hierarchy Generation indicator if you are generating the standard hierarchy in a client for the first time.

Then choose Execute.

Note: You should generate large hierarchies in the background by choosing Program -> Execute in Background. If large hierarchies are generated online, processing may be terminated as a result of a timeout.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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