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/ISDFPS/CUS_SELECTION_LM - Select Technical Objects

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Short Description

Displays maintenance data for a specific technical object
(master equipment/aircraft)


This report is used to select technical objects with their maintenance and revision data in order to restrict the data in the Controlled Usage Rate application.



Relevant master and transaction data must be available in the system in order for it to be selected and displayed in table and chart form in the Controlled Usage Rate application.



You can enter the following data to identify and localize technical objects with the corresponding transaction data:

  • Identifier (such as tail number)
  • Functional location
  • Equipment
  • Site
  • Force element

These selection criteria are mandatory, which means that you must make an entry in at least one of these fields in order to use the Controlled Usage Rate application.

In addition to the technical object, you must also enter a selection profile. You must define the selection profile in the IMG activity "Configure Selection Profiles", such as the third periodic aircraft inspection, every 1,200 operating hours. The selection profile significantly restricts the number of selected maintenance items, since the user can decide whether all or only a number of maintenance items are selected.

You can use the selection fields for maintenance and revision data to restrict the hit list accordingly. These fields are optional.

These additional selection fields also include the selection filters for characteristics and characteristic lists. These selection filters further restrict the hits for maintenance items, since the user can enter an upper or lower limit for each characteristic or characteristic list. This filtering occurs on maintenance items that have been prefiltered using the selection profile and the maintenance planning data.

In the Settings area, you can use the "Technical Object Type" field to define further restrictions. You can determine the corresponding transaction data, such as revisions:

  • For the selected object itself
  • For the selected technical object and all its subordinate objects
  • For all superior and subordinate technical objects

You configure this setting in the "Explosion" field, which supports the three values "None", "Downward", and "Downward and Upward".

You can define the display of the report results by selecting the predefined layouts that influence the display in the ALV grid or the table and that you can select directly on the selection screen.

Standard Variants




For example, if you want to display all the equipment that belongs to maintenance plan xyz, select technical object type "Equipment" and maintain the required criteria in the selection fields to identify and localize the equipment. You also select the appropriate maintenance plan in the corresponding field. You can then start the selection to display the table overview.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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