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/ISDFPS/EXEC700_FORCER_TRSET - Optimization - FORCER Framework - Optimize Table Accesses (iPPE Rel.)

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This report converts the current combination GUID + COUNTER to the combination (HR triple) of plan variant (PLVAR) + object type (OTYPE) + object ID (OBJID) to optimize access for the assignments between a force element and material planning objects, material containers, equipment packages, provisions packages, and reportable item codes.






  • Test run
The program is run in test mode. The database is not updated.
  • Current Client Only
The changes are made in the current client only.

Object Selection:

  • Material Planning Objects
  • Material Container,,,,
  • Material Package,,,,
  • Provisions Package,,,,
  • Reportable Item Code,,

Standard Variants


Fields for the HR triple have already been added to tables /ISDFPS/FORMPOID, /ISDFPS/FORMCID, /ISDFPS/FOREPAID, /ISDFPS/FORVPAID, and /ISDFPS/FORRICID. This report reads these tables, determines the FORCE_ID and FORCE_CNT, determines the associated HR triple (PLVAR, OTYPE, and OBJID) by lookup in the /ISDFPS/FORCE table, and enters these attributes in the tables named above.

When the assignment tables (for example /ISDFPS/FORMPOID) are processed, the associated change documents are determined in the tables (CDHDR and CDPOS) and transferred accordingly to the HR triple. The change history is still fully maintained.

Finally, the assignments of the change documents to organizational measures (/ISDFPS/ORGMCDOC) are converted.

The data is processed by block. A database commit (SQL) occurs after each write operation.

The report is resumable (can be called repeatedly).



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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