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/ISDFPS/FORCE_WF_TREE_CTRL - Workflow Customizing Tree Control (With Documentation)

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The report SAPSIMPLE_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO demonstrates how simple tree control (class CL_GUI_SIMPLE_TREE) is used.

A node in simple tree control comprises a folder/leaf symbol and a text. A tree node contains data from the dictionary structure TREEV_NODE. The user must include this structure in their own structure, which must contain a field with the name 'TEXT'.


The frame on the right edge of the screen displays the events which occur. The following events can be triggered by the demo program:

Node double click

User double-clicked a node.

Expand no children

The folder/leaf symbol of a node may display a +, even though there are no children (that is, subordinate nodes) in the control (set the field EXPANDER in TREEV_NODE). If the user clicks on one of these nodes, this triggers the event EXPAND_NC. In the demo, the "Child 1" node contains a +. The demo program reacts to this event by copying two new nodes to the control (New1 and New2).




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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