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/ISDFPS/HANDLE_OPEN_POSITIONS - Collective Processing Run to Process Open MM Document Items

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Program /ISDFPS/HANDLE_OPEN_POSITIONS encapsulates a collective run for processing open purchase requisition items, purchase order items, and delivery items that relate to an expiring support relationship.


This program is executed as part of a batch job which is to be scheduled from the application given by function module /ISDFPS/SHOW_OPEN_DOCUMENTS.

Note that the document items to be processed must be selected by the user from the outset using this same application and flagged according to the type of processing required. Document items that are flagged accordingly are saved by the application for the batch job in database table /ISDFPS/OPEN_POS. Selection parameters I_ORID and I_USER, which are saved for each of the document items to be processed, are used for the selection of the saved document data within the program /ISDFPS/HANDLE_OPEN_POSITIONS.

Every processing step is logged in a standard application log. It is possible to display this application from the application.




Selection parameters of the program /ISDFPS/HANDLE_OPEN_POSITIONS are the GUID of the expiring support relationship (I_ORID) and the information (I_USER) on whether the calling user is the supplier ('SUP') or consumer ('REC') of this expiring support relationship.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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