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/ISDFPS/HROM_POS_GENERATOR - Positions Generator for Contingent Planning

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Generating Positions for Quota Planning


Starting from your planned required positions (entered as whole numbers or full-time equivalents, FTE), this report enables you to generate new positions or set positions you do not need to obsolete.

If you enter FTEs rather than whole numbers, the system first generates whole positions, or sets them to obsolete. The remainder (<1), can be generated by maintaining infotype 1011 (working time) for a position.


You must have quota planning for at least one organizational unit.


Using this report you can generate positions based on executed quota planning as follows:

First, all newly planned positions for the relevant organizational unit(s) are generated. For each organizational unit the system produces a list showing that additional positions have been generated.

If, however, quota planning requires a reduction of positions, the system shows for each organizational unit how many positions, expressed in FTEs, must be reduced.

For those organizational units where a reduction is required, all the positions are listed. Via List ->Reduction, you reach a dialog box in which you can make a position-specific entry regarding reductions (see also the Automatic Reduction parameter). You decide whether to specify a reduction for the entire validity period of the position in question (Reduce Until End of Position), or for a limited period (Reduce for Limited Period) (see also Example).


  • Using the Automatic Reduction parameter, you specify that the system should not offer the user a dialog box for selecting which positions should be reduced. The quota of positions to be reduced, expressed as FTEs, is instead evenly spread over the existing positions. For example, if 4 full-time positions are to be reduced to a total of 3 FTEs, the system automatically reduces the FTE value for each position to 0.75.

If you select this parameter, the Reduce for Limited Period option is not available to you.
  • Using the Planning Type parameter, you can specify the planning type in which positions should be generated.


The system displays a list of all the organizational units for which you have performed quota planning. The user can then decide which organizational unit(s) to generate positions for.


In a given organizational unit, you want to reduce an existing required positions quota of 3 full-time equivalents (FTE) to 2.5 FTE, but only for the second quarter. For each of the other three quarters, the required positions quota is 3 FTE. This report offers two alternative ways of achieving these figures:

You use infotype 1011 (working time) to convert a particular position into a part-time position of 0.5 FTE from the beginning of the second quarter, and choose Reduce until end of position. But, since the planned required positions quota goes back up to 3 FTE at the beginning of the third quarter, you create a fourth position for that period , that you give a value of 0.5 FTE in infotype 1011 (working time).

The second option is to use infotype 1011 (working time) to reduce the FTE value of a particular position to 0.5, but only for the limited period of the second quarter. In this case, you choose Reduce for limited period.


Unoccupied positions marked as obsolete are immediately delimited, that is, the infotype 1014 (obsolete) is not maintained.

Occupied positions and those marked as obsolete are counted in full in the existing required positions.

Further notes

Independently of the WORKT FTEP switch (determining the value of a full-time equivalent (FTE)) in table T77S0, positions are always generated based on infotype 1011 (working time). This is because when the positions are generated, it is not yet known which employees (persons) will occupy which positions and which capacity utilization level (saved in infotype 0008 in Personnel Administration) the employees (persons) have.

For information on setting up quota planning, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) under Organizational Management-> Infotype Settings->Quota Planning.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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