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This report configures the initial setup or new setup of the index table that is required to improve the performance of the "Status Board" (/ISDFPS/LMSTB1 or /ISDFPS/LMSTB2) and "Controlled Usage Rate" (/ISDFPS/LMCUS1) applications. When performance is improved, the number of selections and therefore the data volume is reduced, and the initial selection of objects is accelerated when you call the transactions for the status board and the controlled usage rate.

Performance is improved when the following conditions are met:

  • The technical object structure contains master equipment and criteria must be selected for master equipment.
  • The initial selection is accelerated only if this report has been executed first or if you have already made an initial selection in the "Status Board" or "Controlled Usage Rate" applications.

The index table contains the relationships to master equipment and its dependent objects (notifications, orders, measurement documents, maintenance plans, and revisions).

If the content of the index table is invalid due to an unforeseen event, you can reconfigure it using this report. You start the report using transaction /ISDFPS/LMGENIDX.

The report deletes the existing rows in the index table and generates new rows for the master equipment specified. On the initial screen of the report, you can select specific master equipment. If you set the "Select All Master Equipment" indicator, the entire index table is restructured.

The results list of the report displays the master equipment and the number of dependent objects.


You have configured the Customizing settings for bgRFC under Defense Forces & Public Security -> Support for Flight Operations -> Status Board for the following IMG activities:

  • Configure RFC Connections
  • An RFC destination that is also the supervisor destination of the RFC connection must be defined as either an "ABAP Connection" or a "Logical Connection".

  • On the "Logon & Security" tab page, fill the fields "Client", "User", and "Password". On the "Special Options" tab page, set the "qRFC Version" field to "bgRFC".

  • Configure Background RFC Connections
  • On the "Define Inbound Dest." tab page, enter "ISDFPS_INDEX_TBL_BGRFC" as the inbound destination. You must also enter a "queue prefix" such as "ISDFPS".

  • On the "Define Supervisor Dest." tab page, enter the destination from the IMG activity "Configure RFC Connections" as the supervisor destination.

Further notes

You can display bgRFC units in transaction SBGRFCMON. The monitor displays units that are to be processed, that are currently in process, or that cannot be executed due to an error.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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