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/ISDFPS/MATSPPLN_TO_SER09 - XPRA for Serial Number Transfer from DFPS Matl Planning to Standard

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The XPRA /ISDFPS/MATSPPLN_TO_SER09 transfers the serial number data from the DFPS material planning records (table /ISDFPS/MATSPPLN) in ERP 2005 to the new standard table SER09 (as of EA-DFPS 603) with dependent new entries in SER00 and OBJK.

This XPRA is required since n serial numbers can be assigned to a purchase requisition item as of EA-DFPS 603, which replaces the previous DFPS logic of 1:1 assignment.






All planning records for purchase requisitions (RECTYPE = '005') that have a serial number (SERNR_PREQ filled) are taken into account.

Standard Variants


For each selected material planning record with a serial number, an SER09, SER00, and OBJK record is created, the field ANZSN is set to 1 in the corresponding EBAN record, and the field SERNR_PREQ is initialized in the material planning record.


If terminated, the XPRA can be restarted at any time since only the remaining planning records with a serial number are processed.

If you do not start the XPRA, the serial number assignment to the purchase requisition item is lost. If necessary, you can assign the serial numbers again manually.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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