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/ISDFPS/ME_CA_LOG_MIGRATE - Program for Migrating Previous Local User-Administration Log Records

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You can use this report to convert log records of the local user administration that have been generated with an earlier release that did not support the currently valid format. The system converts the log records to the currently valid format.

Check whether the old log records are actually still required.





On the selection screen, select one specific device or all devices. If you do not make any entry, all devices are selected.

Select the Execute Database Changes indicator if you want the changes to be written to the database. Otherwise, the system only simulates the data conversion without actually making any changes to the data.

Standard Variants


If the data conversion is only simulated, a list of simulated conversions is displayed.

If errors occur during a conversion, the system returns the corresponding error messages.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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