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/ISDFPS/NOT_ASSIGNED_SLOCS - Display Unassigned Storage Locations of Stock MRP Areas

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A stock element is assigned to a force element and set as accountable for stock. This stock element has its own stock MRP area, which can include the following storage locations:

  • Storage location in which the material used by the force element is held in stock (stock storage location)
  • Storage locations that can be used as stock storage locations for lower-level force elements that are not accountable for stock

This report selects storage locations that are not assigned to a force element from stock MRP areas. Unassigned storage locations and their details are displayed in the results list (see the 'Output' section).

Unassigned storage locations may exist for the following reasons:

  • They may be used for lower-level force elements that are not accountable for stock.
  • They may receives postings in the stock MRP area.
  • They may be unused or incorrect.


Storage locations are created in the system using the Structures Workbench. The storage location is therefore created when you assign it to an MRP area.




Only stock MRP areas (Workbench > Stock/Provisions > Stock Element) are checked for unassigned storage locations.

The provisions element and infrastructure stock element are not included:

  • Provisions element: A provisions MRP area and the associated storage locations exist for the assigned plant of a stockholding force element. The MRP area is assigned to this force element in full. As a result, no individual storage location is assigned to any force element.
  • Consequently, the provisions MRP areas are not taken into account.

  • Infrastructure stock element:
  • Force element that manages the infrastructure material: A force element that is indicated as accountable for infrastructure material has an MRP area (infrastructure material MRP area) and associated storage locations to manage the inventory of infrastructure material. This material can also be used temporarily by other force elements (and if necessary, also by the force element in question).

  • In addition, this force element (or a force element that uses the infrastructure material) can have a storage location (infrastructure-material storage location) in which the material used is held. The storage location is not assigned to the infrastructure MRP area.

  • Consequently, the infrastructure MRP areas are not taken into account.

Standard Variants


The plant, detailed data about the force element accountable for stock, the stock MRP area, and the storage location are displayed.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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