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/ISDFPS/OPEN_MM_DOCS_BY_ORMNT - Open MM Documents for Maintenance Orders of Maintenance Relationship

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This report displays open maintenance documents (orders, notifications) where the responsible work center has been derived on the basis of a maintenance relationship.





The Identifierand Counter for Identifier selection parameters are mandatory. Enter the Identifier of a maintenance relationship defined in database table /ISDFPS/FORMNTID (field FRGUID). Also enter an Internal Counter defined in database table /ISDFPS/FORMNT (field FRCNT) for this maintenance relationship. Input help is available for both selection parameters.

The Maintenance Unit selection parameter is optional. You can use it to restrict the number of maintenance relationships that can be selected to the maintenance relationship of one maintenance unit.

Standard Variants


The selected maintenance orders and documents are displayed in the form of an ALV grid. You can used the forward navigation function to go to the detail and/or edit screen for an individual document, or to the master data display of the listed materials.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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