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/ISDFPS/PM_ALT_DATEN_GEN_EXP - PM: Alternative Data Transport - Outbound Processing (Without C.Auth.)

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You can use this program to copy maintenance objects to a data carrier (IDOC format), so that you can transfer them to a different SAP system using the data carrier (= alternative data transport).

The change authorization of the selected objects is not included and is not transferred to the data carrier.

Use transaction /ISDFPS/PMDIS5 to import the data (from the data carrier) to the target system.
After the objects have been imported to the target system, the data can only be displayed, not changed.


It is assumed that the target system uses the same Customizing settings as the source system. No further checks are carried out in this respect.



The default value for the data store directory is taken from the user parameter "PCP" (PC directory name). If no value exists for the user in the user master record, the SAPGUI working directory is used as the default value.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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