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/ISDFPS/PM_CP2CENTRAL - PM: Distributed Maintenance - Return Change Auth. to Central System

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You can use this report to transfer the change authorization for orders and notifications from a local system to the central system once the residence time has expired.

You can set the following indicators on the initial screen:

  • Test Run
    If you set this indicator, the SAP system generates a detailed log only and no data is written to the database or changed.
  • Partially Expired Retention Period
    If you set this indicator, objects related to each other (for example, order with associated notification) for which the specified retention period has not expired for all objects are displayed in the log. In this case, the change authorization is not transferred for any of these objects.
  • Simulate Background Processing
    If you set this indicator, the system simulates background processing such that only error messages are issued in the log.



For each individual order and notification type, you have specified a retention period in days in Customizing. See Customizing for Defense Forces & Public Security and choose Distributed System Landscape -> Application-Specific Settings -> Distributed Maintenance -> Define Retention Period of Orders and Define Retention Period of Notifications.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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