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/ISDFPS/PM_CP_GENER - PM Change Authorization: Initial Setup

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The report is used for the initial setup of change authorizations once distributed maintenance has been activated.

All displayed, distributed maintenance objects are run consecutively. Once a distribution object (for example, equipment) has been processed successfully and the associated change authorizations have been saved, this status is saved. It is therefore no longer possible to process the equipment again.

The report is normally called once only. Calling it again leads to error messages. The report must be restarted only if it has been canceled. This is to process the objects that have not yet been processed.

Selection parameter 'Execute for Existing Entries' covers the following:

- PM objects were created.

- Distributed maintenance was activated.

- Then additional PM objects were created.

For each PM object, the report determines that change authorizations have already been written. Since the report has not yet been executed, it cannot determine whether any objects without change authorizations exist in the system. The report is run with the above parameter, despite the existing change authorization for each object.



You should run the report if distributed maintenance objects have been created before distributed maintenance has been activated in the system.

The report can be executed only in the central system.

You must not run the report if any of the current PM objects are not in the central system.



Standard Variants



Execute the report if prerequisites exist.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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