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/ISDFPS/RHAKTI00 - Change Object Status

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The report changes the status for one or more objects and their infotypes in accordance with the entries in table T777F (assignment of function codes to planning status).

Compared to the usual procedure (transaction PP01: Maintain Planning Data), the advantage of the report is that it is possible to change the status of several objects (or object types) and their infotypes simultaneously.

In addition, and in contrast to transaction PP01, the report can complete several steps of the planning procedural model in one operation and directly change an object status from Planned to Active, for example.


You have created 10 positions in status Planned and want to change these positions to status Active. In this case, you select the objects in question and select the parameters relevant for this case:

  • Request planned records
  • Approve requested records
  • Activate approved records

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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