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/ISDFPS/STB_SELECTION_LM - Select Technical Objects

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This report selects technical objects in the status board.



Relevant master and transaction data must be available in the system so that technical objects can be selected and displayed in the status board.



You can select three types of technical object together with their associated transaction data:

  • Equipment
  • Functional locations
  • Enhanced equipment (master equipment)

The technical object type that you select determines which fields are ready for input on the selection screen. In the "Technical Obj. Type" field in the "Settings" area on the selection screen, you can define which of these three types you want to select. The associated transaction data, such as notifications, orders, and revisions, can be determined for:

  • The actual object selected
  • The selected technical object and all of its lower-level objects
  • All lower-level and higher-level technical objects

You can configure this setting in the "Explosion" field, in which the following three entries are available: "None", "Downward", and "Downward and Upward".

When you enter a force element, you can also select which role the force element has in relation to the master equipment: for example, it can be an owner only, a user only, or both. While the owner force element is managed as the force element responsible for the object, with the user force element, the object is managed subject to inventory management and used operationally.
For equipment, you can only enter a force element; the field for the role is not ready for input.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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