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/ISDFPS/XI_INITIAL_LOAD - Initial Loading DFPS Central System => XI

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Initial loading of the XI mapping table for the DFPS component


All active force elements (objects of type O and RF) are selected and written to the DFPS-specific XI mapping table via RFC. This DFPS-specific XI mapping table contains

the unique assignment of force element <=> operational, logical system


the unique assignment of plant/storage location <=> operational, logical system.

Records where the "Plant" or "Storage Location" fields are empty are skipped. Records where the logical transaction system is the same as the central domestic system are also skipped.

This program needs to be run only once, when the first decentralizedsystem is set up. After that, it no longer needs to be run, since the mapping table is updated automatically using the OrgFlex activation framework.


The DFPS-specific XI mapping table (/ISDFPS/XI_FORCE) in the target system must be empty.

(If this is not the case, you must delete this table using the database).



Standard Variants


Number of records read <=> Number of records that were found in the database

Number of records transferred <=> Number of records that were transferred to the decentralized system

Number of records skipped <=> Number of records that were skipped because the plant or storage location was empty or their logical system is the same as the central domestic system.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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