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/ISDFPS/XPRA0610_FORVPA_QUANT - XPRA: Set Quantity Spec. in FE-PPA Relationships (/ISDFPS/FORVPA)

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This XPRA report sets the QUANT (Number for Assigned Provisions Package) field in database table /ISDFPS/FORVPA to the default value =1.

The relationships between force elements and provisions packages are stored in table /ISDFPS/FORVPA.


During migration to DFPS Release 610 or higher, it was necessary to execute the XPRA report, since the database was extended to include the QUANT field.

  • As of DFPS Release 610, follow-on processes that relate to this field exist in the Materials Management area.
  • As of DFPS Release 610, this field can be displayed and edited on the user interface in the Structures Workbench.
  • This field is set to 1 by default when a record is created in database table /ISDFPS/FORVPA using the Structures Workbench.
  • Existing records must, therefore, be set to the default value =1 by the customer' as part of the migration scenarios mentioned above in the following cases:
  • Migration to Release 610 from an earlier release

  • Migration to a release higher than 610 from an earlier release


You are using a release earlier than 610 and want to migrate to Release 610 or later.



Standard Variants



If an error is output after the XPRA report has finished, restart the report.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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