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/ISDFPS/XPRA_CDFPSK1 - XPRA Report for Extending Tab. /ISDFPS/CDFPSK01 to Include Switch Grps

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Column DFPS_KEYGRP (Switch Group) has been added to table /ISDFPS/CDFPSK1 (DFPS Application Switches) so that application switches can be sorted logically. For the three application switch entries that existed in the previous release, you must enter values in the Switch Group column.

In addition, column RELAT_OS_P (characterizing relationship O/S-P) has been added to table /ISDFPS/CCTYP (Usage Types) so that persons can be assigned to usage types. This assignment specifies that a person belongs to a usage type (e.g. in use), if a record of the specified assignment for the person exists. Due to the new column, some of the existing usage type entries have to be initially changed to include an entry for this new characterizing relationship.





Standard Variants



For the previous releases, this XPRA enters the required values in the new column for the switch entries in table /ISDFPS/CDFPSK1

In addition, the required values need to be entered in the new column for the existing usage type entries of the previous releases in table /ISDFPS/CCTYPE.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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