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/ISHFR/RNWFRGHM_LOAD - IS-H FR: Import GHM Service Master Data

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You can use this report to import GHM service master data that does not yet exist.

If you need to make changes to existing GHM service master data, you must do so manually. You cannot use this program to change existing data.



Before you can import the GHM service catalog, you must store the corresponding file either locally or on the application server.



Fixed Data for Service Master

  • Institution
  • SC Sample Service
Catalog containing the sample service.
  • Sample Service
The sample service is an existing service, which is taken from the database table NTPK. All the fields that are not specific to the French country version are inherited from this service (apart from the Charge Type).

You must make entries in all the fields.


  • File Name
Enter the path to the directory where the file to be imported is located, together with the file name.

File Origin
Specify the computer where the directory and file are located.
  • Import from Application Server

  • Import from Local Disk Drive

Execution Parameters

  • Service Filter from/to
You can specify which services are to be imported or excluded in these fields.
  • Test Mode
If you select this option, the system only simulates the checks and import for the selected services. It does not make any changes on the database.

Standard Variants


The system only outputs services from the file for which a service master does not exist. You can then select these services for further processing using a checkbox.

Once you have selected one or more services, choose Copy. The system runs checks and creates new services using this data.

If you have selected Test Mode, the system does not save the data.

The following information is provided after processing:

NTPKProcessing status indicated by a traffic light symbol (NTPK, NTSP, ...)
EError type
Error messageLong text of error message
Additional informationAdditional information about the error message


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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