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/ISHFR/RN_ACE_ORDER_CREATE - IS-H FR: RSF-ACE - Create Dispatch Orders Manually

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IS-H FR: RSF-ACE - Create Dispatch Orders Manually


This report allows you to trigger communication events manually even if you have changed no data in the system.

This means that you can send messages even when the events are not automatically registered by the system for message processing.


The following criteria must be met if the report is to be able to write the order to the database:

  • The communication procedure must be active for the institution specified.
  • You must define a communication partner (data collection point).
  • Customizing must be set up correctly.



The report selects all invoices for outpatient cases that correspond to the selection criteria that have visits to an MCO unit (that is, the departmental Organizational Unit (OU) of the first visit (NBEW-ORGFA), if you entered M, C, O, or N in specialty category7).

As in inpatient cases, a case can only have movements at MCO units or non-MCO units but not both. The departments may not be combined (this triggers an error message when you save the movement).

The system takes all insurance provider and self-payer invoices in this EDI procedure.

The system deletes existing dispatch orders for the invoice and messages for this communication procedure that have not yet been sent.

The system creates a special dispatch order (NC301) for invoices that match the selection criteria.

This means that a message is generated the next time the message formatting (program RNC30100) runs, even if you have cancelled the invoice in the meantime, for example.


Enter the following selection criteria:


  • Institution
  • Billing Date From/To
  • Created On/To
  • Invoice Number From/To

You must specify at least the institution and a billing date, creation date or an invoice number.

Additional Restrictions

  • Case Number From/To

Further Options

  • Log
When you select this option, the system generates a log of the processed invoices.
  • Layout (Display Variant)
You can use this option to control the log layout. To use this option, you must also select the Log option.
  • Test
When you select this option, the system only displays the processed data, it does not save it.
  • Create Messages Directly
If you select this option, the system triggers the message formatting relevant to the data exchange at the end of the run.


The report writes a data record (the event) to dispatch order table NC301. This is used as a trigger to generate the actual message during the next message formatting (program RNC30100).

If you have selected Log, the report displays the selected invoices in the standard layout, or a layout specified by you.

If errors occur during processing, the system prepares a list of the incorrect invoices:

  • If you have set the log option, you can call up this list from the log view by choosing the red flag icon. When you exit the log, the system automatically displays the error list.
  • If you have not set the log option, the system displays the error list immediately.

If you have set the option create messages directly, the system also displays the message formatting log.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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