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/IWCNT/R_REPORT_CONFIG_CHECKS - Reporting Configuration Checks

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This report checks whether the properties and parameters of reports have been configured correctly.

If this report is run from the main Manage Reports and their Properties view, the checks are carried out for all the listed reports. If a particular report configuration is displayed and this report is run, the checks are carried out for that specific report.


For each report, the following checks are carried out:

  • Active reports check: This check verifies whether roles have been assigned to active reports. If a report is marked as active but no roles have been assigned, it will not be delivered to users’ clients. Therefore, it is mandatory to have roles assigned to the reports.
  • Report category check: This check verifies reports have been assigned to a report category. It is not mandatory for a report to be assigned to a category, but it improves the usability if reports are grouped under appropriate categories.
  • Shared reports check: This check ensures that shared reports have only one default time point assigned to it. Shared reports must have certain properties, and this check ensures that those conditions are met. There should be no data change events assigned to a shared report. A shared report should not have any other scheduling options assigned to it (ad hoc, based on time points, or based on data change events). Finally, a shared report must not have the Allow users to edit the report option selected.
  • Report parameters check: This check verifies if all parameters for a report have been configured. If the parameters have not been configured, during runtime the default values for the mandatory, non-editable parameters will be retrieved from the SAP system.
  • Report title check: This check verifies if reports have been assigned a title and description. Titles and descriptions make the report user-friendly.
  • Custom documentation check: This check is valid only for reports where you have selected custom documentation. The check verifies if custom documentation exist for such reports.


When the report is run, the results are displayed for all the checks that are carried out. The following columns are displayed in the output results.

Check TypeDisplays the check for which the results are shown.
Report TitleDisplays the report for which the check results are shown.
SAP System AliasDisplays the SAP system alias for the corresponding report.
Category DescriptionDisplays the category description for the corresponding report.
Check StatusDisplays the status of the report check.
- A red light indicates a critical error that must be resolved.
- A yellow light indicates a non-critical. They refer to configurations that are not mandatory but useful.
- A green light indicates that the report is configured correctly for that particular check.
Report Check ResultsDisplays the problem with a report configuration where the status is either red or yellow.
Check Solutions – How to correct?Provides the resolution for incorrect report configurations where the status is either red or yellow.


Click on the Check icon (or press CTRL+F7) to run the report.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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