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A query against the IXOS ECR server can be specified and sent to the BAI service on the IXOS ECR server. The query will be executed against the server and the result is sent back to SAP.

Selection conditions can be specified to restrict the amount of data that is selected. You can either select all fields of the queried type or specify individual fields. The version of the IXOS ECR records that should be selected can be specified. When querying documents the rendition number and component number can be specified. Versions , renditions and components are numbered starting by 1. If you specify -1 all versions, renditions and components will be selected. When version, rendition and component are not specified the current version, default rendition and main component will be selected.

In order to be able to select data in blocks you can specify the id of the last record received in combination with the maximum number of hits you want to get in each block.

Up to four where conditions can be specified to restrict the number of records that should be selected. You need to specify the field name and value to add a where condition. All of the four conditions specified must match the record (logical AND).

You also can specify a list of fields that should be used for sorting the result. The mode of sorting (ascending/descending) selected applies to all of the fields specified.

Optionally the XML request sent to the BAI service on the IXOS ECR server can be stored in a file on the local filesystem. If a filename for storing the request is specified the request is stored, but not sent to the IXOS ECR.





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