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/KJEDM/MAX_BATCH_RE_DETERMINE - Maximum Batch Re-Determination

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You use this report to determine the records in the Delivery Record Data table, including the maximum batches and delivery records that have not been posted for goods issue.


You execute this report for initiating the batch inversion check in your system.


You have made the following Customizing settings in Sales and Distribution by choosing Sales and Distribution --> Basic Function --> Expiration Date Management:

  • Define Maximum Batch Identification Parameter
  • Define Common Action Control Parameter
  • Define Action Control Parameter for Specified Customer
  • Define Action Control Parameter for Specified Material
  • Define Batch Inversion Check Exclusion Parameter
  • Assign Partner Function to Specified Sales Document Type



The following information is required for determining the correct records:

  • Sales area
  • Material type
  • Material number
Changes of the control parameters for batch inversion check in the Customizing settings affect the validity of records in the Delivery Record Data table. Running this report helps ensure the records' validity. Make sure that the selection criteria are consistent with the changes you make in the Customizing settings.

Standard Variants


The report supports test mode. If you select the Test Mode indicator on the selection screen, the result is only for display purpose, and the system does not update the Delivery Record Data table.

This report lists the following information on the result screen:

  • Selection criteria
  • Information of old maximum batch
  • Information of new maximum batch
  • Processing result


To access this report, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics --> Sales and Distribution --> Shipping and Transportation --> Outbound Delivery --> Expiration Date Management-Batch Inversion Check --> /KJEDM/EDM08 - Maximum Batch Re-Determination.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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