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/LIME/CONV_TREE - Program /LIME/CONV_TREE, XPRA for TREE Conversion (AP 2005)

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For LIME AP 7.0, the underlying database design was changed to increase performance and decrease the database volume.

The following tables are affected from changes:


The tables are changed from adjacent lists with pointers for all parents into a left/right traversal tree model. A detailed description of the database design can be found in the specification and design documents or in cProjects (A05_100444_AP_ERP_LIME, Workpackage 'miniPlatform').

For the user, there are no changes in using LIME since only internally used tables are changed and the interfaces were left unchanged.



The XPRA should be executed if an upgrade from SCM 4.0 or 4.1 to SCM 5.0 or later releases using LIME AP 7.0 or later is done.


As described in the Design document, the XPRA performs the following steps:

  • Data analysis
  • Conversion of /LIME/TREE
  • Conversion of /LIME/QUAN
  • Conversion of /LIME/SERIAL
  • Conversion of /LIME/LOG_TREE
  • Conversion of /LIME/LOG_QUAN
  • Conversion of /LIME/LOG_SERIAL

If a serious error occurs in any of these steps, a message is written to the XPRA log with instructions for an administrator and the XPRA exit . The XPRA can be restarted later when the problem that led to the error has been solved. In this case, the XPRA skips the steps that were already successfully executed and continues with the remaining steps.

Since the new database model uses widths for each tree node, reasonable values for tree widths are calculated during the XPRA based on data found in /LIME/TREE and /LIME/LOG_TREE.

Archives with LIME data is not converted by the XPRA, as the new archiving functionality for LIME AP 7.0 can handle old and new archives in parallel.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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