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/MACCRM/MASS_CHANGE_DATA - Mass Change Processing for Multiple-Asset Contract

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You use this report to execute mass changes for the FS contracts that are created in a multiple-asset contract.

For contracts to be eligible for change processing, they need to be in an active status. This means that they have been incepted but not yet completed.

In this report, you can select FS contracts from several multiple-asset contracts using the contract ID, a license plate number, or a vehicle identification number (VIN). You then select the change process to be executed, either immediately or in a background job.



The following Customizing activity is relevant for this report:

Customer Relationship Management ->Financial Services ->Leasing ->Settings for Multiple-Asset Contracts ->Accumulation of Amounts ->Define Chg. Proc. for Removing Link Between Multiple-Asset and FS

In this Customizing activity, you define the change processes to be used to remove the link between the multiple-asset contract and the FS contract. In standard Customizing, this Customizing table contains the change process LCOO, Change of Ownership.


Check Change Processes: Checks whether the process entered contains errors.

Application Log: Displays the log for the change process executed.

Batch Execution: Executes the change process in a background job.

Online Execution: Executes the change process immediately.

Header Change Process / Item Change Process: Switches between the two types of change processes to be executed, either a header or item level change process.


Search Parameters

You can search for FS contracts using:

  • multiple-asset contract IDs
  • license numbers
  • VINs

Mass Change Input Parameters

You enter the required change process type and the necessary data.

Note: You need to search for an FS contract before these fields are enabled.

Standard Variants



To access this report, go to transaction SE38 and enter report name /MACCRM/MASS_CHANGE_DATA


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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