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/MAP/SSM02 - Slow Seller Analysis

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Program in the slow seller management application that you use to create proposals from the analysis of stock and POS sales data, in combination with markdown profiles.


You can use Business Add/In /MAP/BADI_SSM_001 to adjust the steps of the slow seller analysis to suit your specific requirements.


You have defined markdown profiles and the settings for markdown control.


The program determines the stock and POS sales data for the products and locations determined with the selection criteria, using the queries that you defined in the settings for markdown control. In addition, the markdown profile assignments for the products are determined.
The program analyzes the stock and POS sales data using the rules from the markdown profiles, and creates the relevant markdown profiles. POS sales data is aggregated in line with the specified analysis level.


You first enter the products for which the slow seller analysis is to be performed. You use the analysis level to specify which locations in the analysis are to be considered. You use the price activation level to determine the organizational level for which you want to create markdown proposals. You can define analysis and price activation levels independently from one another (see example).

You define the permitted analysis and price activation levels in the named Customizing activity. Levels that are not flagged as permitted are not displayed on the selection screen. If you have not defined any levels, all possible levels are flagged as inactive on the selection screen.

Standard Variants


The program creates an application log for the object W, subobject W_SSM. You use the relevant function to jump from the selection screen to the application logs.


Enter the necessary selection criteria. You then start the program online, or you schedule background processing. For the function displayed on the selection screen per pushbutton, processing starts immediately. On the other hand, with the menu function you can specify the processing time yourself.


You choose a distribution chain as the analysis level, but for the price activation level you choose locations by selecting them manually, or with the radio button Analysis Level Locations. To evaluate markdown profile rules, the stock and POS sales data aggregated for all distribution chain levels is used. If a markdown is required, markdown proposals are created for all the locations specified. If you have not listed all distribution chain locations for the explicit entry, the group of locations used for the analysis, and the group of locations for which markdown proposals were created are not identical.

Conversely, you can define individual locations for the analysis, but a distribution chain for the price activation level. In this case, the locations almost assume a pilot function for creating markdown proposals on "higher" price activation levels.

Similar procedures apply for other combinations of analysis and price activation level.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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