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You use this report to replace business partners in Management of Change. This may be necessary, for example, if the processor of a change request or an activity leaves the company and someone else takes over as the new processor.

You can change the transaction data in Management of Change.

The following data is not changed:

  • Master data, that is, the default partners assigned to the change request types or activity templates
  • Rules stored in BRF plus
  • Existing change documents
  • Existing workflow objects
  • Replacement of business partners when status of:
  • Change request is Closed or Not Applicable.

  • Activity is Completed, Approved, or Not Relevant.



  • You must have authorization for group 'MOCPRG' in order to access this report.
    (Authorization object 'S_PROGRAM' fields 'PGROUP' = 'MOCPRG' and 'P_ACTION' = 'SUBMIT')
  • You must have authorization to edit change requests (authorization object /IAM/IAUTH) or activities (authorization object /IAM/AAUTH).
  • The new business partner must already exist and must not have a status of Not Released.



  1. Specify the current business partner, the new business partner, and the business partner role.
  2. Under object selection, specify the object (Change Request or Activities) in which you want to replace the business partner. You can also specify the maximum number of hits.
  3. Depending on the object selection, you can further refine the selection by specifying the type, status, or due date.

Note: When you execute the selection a result list is generated and displayed. Nothing is replaced and saved at this time.

Standard Variants


A list appears containing the objects in which the current business partner was found. You proceed as follows:

  1. Select the objects in which you want the business partner to be replaced.
  2. Select Simulate. The replacement is simulated for the selected rows, and the system displays the relevant success or error messages.
  3. The database is changed only when you choose Execute and Save.

A change document is created for each successful replacement.


Check to see if you still have to make manual changes to the data not changed by the program.

You can download the messages to a local file.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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