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You can use this report to create resources in MRS for any employee. For these resources, you can transfer availability information such as working times and break times to MRS from the work schedule and the daily work schedule in SAP HR Time Management.


  • This report supports infotypes 2001, 2002, and 2003, as well as the work schedule from SAP HR Time Management.
  • The availability information is transferred to MRS.
  • You are using MRS.


  • You have configured MRS Basis. For information on how to do this, see the implementation guide.
  • You have specified the transfer settings (table /MRSS/C_HCMPTLRP ). For information on how to do this, see the HR Integration implementation guide (Configure Settings for HR Integration).
  • If necessary, you have maintained the time zones for converting the HR availabilities to the MRS format in accordance with the personnel area and subarea assignments of the employees to be transferred (table /MRSS/C_HCMTZONE Define Time Zones for Converting Infotype Records).


  • You can use this report to create employees as resources in MRS.
  • For these resources, you can transfer availability information from infotypes, subtypes, and work schedules to MRS. Note that the data in the selected period is overwritten when you transfer availability information.
  • You can delete resources and their availability information in full. When doing so, note the following:
  • Before you delete resources, you should first remove all existing dependencies. For example, you should reassign the assignments for a resource to a different resource or delete them manually. If you fail to do so, the system deletes the assignments belonging to the resource and sets the status of the corresponding demands to "unplanned".

  • The data is deleted independently of the selection period. If you run the report with the option Delete Resources, no data is transferred.

  • The report offers a list display to check the transferred data.
  • Availability information is divided into individual packages for transfer. If an error occurs, you can continue the data transfer from the point at which the error occurred. The package size can be specified as a variable. The system ensures that all personnel data for an employee is contained within one package.


  • Objects
Standard selection parameters for objects from SAP HR Organizational Management are available to select the personnel resources to be transferred.
  • Create/Transfer Resources
Choose this option to create or update availability information for personnel resources in MRS.
  • Delete Resources
Choose this pushbutton to delete personnel resources and all associated availability information from MRS.
  • Transfer Availabilities
Select this indicator to transfer availability information for the selected personnel resources to MRS.
  • Read Availability
If you select this field, the system displays the availabilities for the selected resources that result or exist according to the program run in MRS.


  • If you select the Read Availabilities indicator, the system displays the availabilities that exist for the selected resources according to the program run in MRS.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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