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/MRSS/MAT_AVAILABILITY_CHECK - Update Parts Availability

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Using this program you can find demands that have insufficient parts availability. With it you can also ensure that availability information is up to date.

This program selects demands from SAP Multiresource Scheduling and carries out the parts availability check. This check is made at the demand header level. The demand source is blocked and updated for the parts availability check.

The parts availability check is currently only available in connection with orders from the areas of customer service and plant maintenance. The parts availability check corresponds to the "Check Stock Material" function that is integrated into transaction IW32. Order components relating to materials with inventory management are considered. Certain system statuses of the order are changed as a result of the parts availability check.





Selection variant: Alternatively, a selection variant for the /MRSS/MAT_R3_AVAIL_CHECK SAP ERP program can be specified here. This enables you to filter the selected demand sources with ERP-specific criteria. Information in the "Control of the Availability Check" area does not play a part here. For example, you want to carry out an availability check for selected MRS demands, whereby the demand sources should be assigned to certain responsible cost centers. In this case, you define an appropriate selection variant for the relevant responsible cost centers and enter this selection variant here.,,

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