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/MRSS/MAT_R3_AVAIL_CHECK - Service and Maintenance Orders - Check Material Availability

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This program reads selected orders and carries out the parts availability check for each of these orders. This check corresponds to the "Availability -> Check Stock Material" function that is integrated into transaction IW32.





With the parameters in the "Control of the Availability Check" section, you can influence both the execution of the parts availability check and also the output.

With the "Parallelize Check" option, the orders are divided into packages and checked in parallel. Orders with the same material numbers in components are always assigned to the same package, minimizing the risk of mutual obstruction when the availability check is being carried out. By entering a figure into "Number of Parallel Executions", you specify the maximum number of packages. When entering this figure, consider your SAP system's available resources. So long as the program runtimes are acceptable, it is advisable to select a correspondingly low maximum number or switch off parallelization.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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