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/MRSS/POT_CREATE_CAPA_POTS - Creation of Capacity Pots

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This report will be executed as a batch job. To access the report, use transaction /MRSS/POT_CREATE in your system.

The program creates new capacity pots for future dates for the given Creation Horizon, Planning Node, Qualification Category and Interval ID.

Note that the program does not update or delete existing capacity pots.



  • You have implemented planning nodes and a work center.
  • You have maintained Customizing settings for capacity pots in the Customizing for SAP Multiresource Scheduling under Appointment Booking ->Appointment Booking on Planning Node Level.



  • Creation Horizon (Mandatory): The creation horizon is a day value, which would be added to the system (current) date to calculate the End Date for pot creation program.
  • Planning Node (Mandatory)
  • Qualification Category: (Optional) If no category is defined in the program parameter (variant), then pots are created for all relevant qualification categories.
  • Interval ID: (Optional) In case no time interval is provided, pots for all intervals would be created.
  • Production Mode: If this flag is not selected, then the program runs in test mode and no actual capacity pots. are created

Standard Variants


New capacity pots are created for the given selection criteria.

A message protocol is created, which displays all the Error (E), Warning (W), Success (S) and Information (I) messages.


The system sets the Start Date of the capacity pot as the system (current) date and the End Date as Start Date + Creation Horizon . Every day between Start Date and End Date, the system checks and creates new capacity pots, if necessary.


Deleting Capacity Pots

Do not delete capacity pots which are in use, that is capacity pots that are valid for the current or future dates.

Use transaction /MRSS/POT_DELETE to delete capacity pots of the past which are no longer used. For more information, see report Deleting Capacity Pots.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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