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/MRSS/PPM_RUNTIME_BY_USER - Runtime Performance Monitor

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You use this report to retrieve the performance monitoring results in SAP Multiresource Scheduling. You can monitor runtimes for both the SAP GUI planning board and the Web-based planning board.

The recorded runtime reflects the runtime needed for initializing the SAP Multiresource Scheduling engine on the application server side. It does not include the runtime needed to build and deliver the UI to the user's client.



  • You have activated performance monitoring in Customizing for SAP Multiresource Scheduling under Basic Settings -->Configure Basic Settings.
  • You are authorized to capture and display performance monitoring data (authorization object/MRSS/PPM).



You can choose to restrict the display according to the following selection options:

  • Date
  • User
  • Transaction
  • Application server

In addition, you specify one of the following options:

  • Display runtime for planning board launch
  • Display runtime for complete refresh
  • Display runtime for delta refresh

Standard Variants


The results are displayed in the SAP List Viewer according to the selection criteria. The Measuremnt (Measurement Type) field indicates which runtimes are being displayed.


  • If the runtime is less than 1 second, the system stores a runtime of 1 second since it is not possible to record runtimes in milliseconds.
  • If you are displaying the runtime for launching the planning board and a delta refresh has been performed during the same planning board session, you can display the runtime information for the delta refresh by double-clicking on any entry in the SAP List Viewer table.


You can directly access this report using transaction /MRSS/PPM_RUNTIME.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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