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/MRSS/RMS_CAT_MIGRATION - Transfer program for qualification catalogs

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You use this report to copy qualification groups and qualifications from standard qualification catalogs to an MRS qualification catalog.



  • You have created the MRS qualification catalog to which you want to transfer data (transaction /MRSS/SQM_CAT).
  • In the MRS qualification catalog, you have set the External Numbers indicator.


This report can be executed multiple times. If data for an MRS catalog already exists, the system checks whether changes have occurred. If so, it implements the changes. If the report runs online, you must authorize changes once via the input window. In each case, the data is transferred to all available languages.


  • RFC destination:
If the standard qualifications to be transferred do not originate from the logon system, choose the corresponding RFC connection.
  • MRS qualification catalog:
Choose the MRS qualification catalog to which you want to transfer data.
  • Standard qualification catalog:
Choose the qualification groups that you want to transfer. When you select a qualification group, you also select all of its lower-level groups and qualifications. You can choose any number of individual values. Templates, intervals, and exclusive selections are not supported.

Standard Variants


The system issues a log.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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