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/MRSS/SQL_QUAL_MIGRATION - Transfer program for qualifications from employee profile

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You use this report to copy qualifications from the standard employee profile to MRS employee profiles.



  • By maintaining the profile in personnel development (transaction PPPM) or the personnel master data (transaction PA30, infotype 0024), you have entered the standard qualifications of the employees for whom you want to copy qualifications to MRS. You have used the extended infotype 0024 to do this.
  • You have created the MRS qualification matrix whose qualifications you want to transfer as a one-dimensional matrix (transaction /MRSS/SQM_MAT).


  • This report is intended for multiple use. If qualifications for employees already exist in MRS, the system checks whether any changes have been made to the data. If so, it updates the MRS data accordingly. The standard qualifications for the selected MRS qualifcation matrices are copied to the respective MRS employee profiles. If no MRS profiles exist for the selected employees, they are created.


  • RFC Destination:
If the qualifications to be copied do not originate from the logon system, choose the relevant RFC connection.
  • MRS Matrix:
You choose one-dimensional MRS qualification matrices whose assigned qualifications you want to copy.
  • Personnel Number:
You choose one or more personnel numbers for which you want to transfer qualifications to MRS.
  • MRS Resource Planning Node:
You choose one or more resource planning nodes that have assigned employees to whom you want to transfer qualifications. If you have also selected personnel numbers, both criteria are used to determine the relevant data.
  • Set the From Source System Indicator
Here you specify whether the From Source System indicator is set for the qualifications that are new or have been changed during the program run.
  • Start Approval Workflow
If you set this parameter, the approval workflow is started for new profiles that could or should not be saved with the status "Active". With the additional parameter Removed and Already Rejected Profiles, you can exclude profiles that already have the status "Rejected" before the change from the approval workflow.
  • Save Profile with Status "Active"
New profiles are saved with the status "Active". Changed profiles are saved with the status "Active" if they had this status previously. Otherwise, they are saved with the status "Changed". If a profile was already included in the approval process, it is terminated.
  • Save Profile with Status "Changed"
Profiles are saved with the status "Created" or "Changed". If a profile was already included in the approval process, it is terminated.
  • Overwrite All Matrices in the Employee Profile
All existing matrices that are not part of the selection are deleted from the employee profile during the transfer of qualifications. If the report is run online, the deletion of these matrices must be allowed once using an input window.

Standard Variants


A log is issued.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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